About Me

I’m a UX Director working with organisations to advise, strategise, mentor, or deliver all aspects of user experience, customer experience, or service design.

My expertise is in the following areas:

  • Building high performing UX teams through strong leadership
  • Delivering products and services users want to engage with and adopt into their lives
  • Deepening customer understanding and insight
  • Championing human-centred design and innovation
  • Designing seamless experiences that extend beyond the screen

I’ve dedicated my 20-year career to understanding human behaviour. In particular, I have focused on how people interact with technology. As technology has become so embedded within modern businesses, I now find myself fascinated with how we interact with companies too.

I’ve learned a lot about the elements that shape an experience and what makes one memorable for the right reasons, and of course the wrong reasons.

In my career to date, I’ve worked in digital agencies, and for large organisations including the BBC and National Air Traffic Services. And for the last 12 years, I have run a user experience consultancy working with top-tier clients including Financial Times, Siemens, Vitality, and Burberry.

I speak at conferences about human-centred design, user adoption, and customer engagement. I have also written feature articles about user experience in a variety of industry publications.

I use this site to share my ideas and some of the insights I’ve gathered over the last 20 years.

If you’d like to chat about a speaking opportunity, or you’d like to explore how I might be able to help you, please

Connect with me on LinkedIn or get in touch for a chat.