Hey, I’m Damian

With over two decades of expertise in UX and User-Centered Design, I’m deeply committed to developing solutions that genuinely address people’s needs. My passion extends to the creative agencies that play a crucial role in delivering the remarkable products and services we rely on daily.

Collaborating with a diverse range of individuals, I tackle challenges related to projects, teams, and businesses, paving the way for success and growth.

Experienced UX Coach & Mentor

As an experienced UX Director and Leadership coach, I can help you to:

  • Overcome imposter syndrome and communicate your value more effectively
  • Navigate executive leadership challenges and ensure your input is valued and respected
  • Set clear strategies and visions aligned with the business goals
  • Improve performance and deliver measurable impact

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Freelance UX Expert

Or, as an expert in UX, CX, and product strategy, I can help you to:

  • Understand your audience needs with world-class user research
  • Identify experience gaps in the market through proven research-led thinking
  • Communicate a compelling value proposition to users to improve user adoption
  • Streamlining and enhance your onboarding processes for better acquisition metrics
  • Reduce customer churn through better experiences and features users need

My approach is always to help the businesses I work with adopt a more human approach to their employees, partners, and customers.

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Agency Founder Coach & Advisor

As someone who’s run a successful UX agency business for over 12 years, I know how hard and how lonely the role can be at times. I can help you:

  • Find a clear path forward from feeling frustrated or trapped in your business to feel more motivated to achieve your goals
  • Develop a strategy and process for productising and selling your services at a higher profit
  • Navigate the challenges of being a business owner while staying strong for your clients and team despite the concerns or doubts you might be feeling at times
  • Craft a compelling vision for your business that you believe in passionately and that exites your team and attracts the right kind of clients

I’m a cross between a coach, mentor, advisor, and confident. Whatever the challenges you have, I can provide guideance and support so you don’t have to face the challenges alone and you can talk to someone with full transparency who gets it.

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