The Duck Duck Go branding is very… human

I often feel that brands, particularly online-only ones, can feel a little… off. Many of them don’t feel like they are speaking to me as a human, and most have a very clear intention to sell me something. And that turns me off.

Duck Duck Go offers an example of a brand that feels very human. They have recently launched a set of visualisations that help ‘sell’ them as a credible alternative to Google. But rather than selling, they feel friendly and engaging, but most of all they feel like they are talking to me as a real human.

It’s refreshing to be able to showcase a nice brand and a great example of real human engagement.

Brands that communicate to us as humans will be so much more effective in the years to come. I hope this approach from Duck Duck Go pushes them forward in their battle against other, less human-focused search brands.