Human-Centred Business Consultant

I’d love to help you research, design, plan, and implement your way to a more human-centred business.

I combine years of experience in customer research, expertise in product and service design, and experience running my own business, working with some of the top-performing businesses in the world.

Together, we can create a plan that gets your board excited and delivers outstanding business results too.

Whether you call it customer experience, user experience, or service design, it’s all about the experiences humans have when they interact with your business. If you need support with any of the aspects listed below, get in touch for a chat:

  • Design an impactful digital experience strategy
  • Tactical projects to improve low user adoption or customer engagement
  • Plan customer research to gain invaluable insight
  • Combine Experience (X) data with Operational (O) data
  • Map service blueprints of frontstage and backstage actions
  • Support designing and running workshops
  • Designing and implimenting a strategy to address customer churn
  • Setting up and hiring a human-centred design team
  • Designing an operational strategy to ensure your team delivers profitable impact

I’m an experienced Human-Centred Design leader with 20+ years of experience. If you’d like to learn more about my background, check out my LinkedIn profile.