A brilliant people-centred campaign to minimise harm from drug use

Think back to the ‘Just say No to drugs’ and other campaigns to raise awareness. What’s the most common theme through their message? It’s wrong to do drugs, you are a loser if you do them, you’re killing yourself etc.

Did any of those judgemental, moralising messages really work though? I’m not sure they did.

Take a look at this campaign launched in Norway and you’ll see a stark difference. In place of judgements, they’ve given factual advice and, insight on how to stay safe. It feels so much more human. Treating people with respect instead of contempt.

Harm prevention posters

I have a feeling this will be way more effective than other campaigns and I really hope we see more like this in other countries soon.

More information can be found here: https://saferdrugpolicies.com/harmreductioncampaign