Small Business Owner Support

I know how challenging it is to run a business, I’ve been there. I’ve been through the ups and downs of cash flow, team issues, winning and losing clients, and the stresses and strains running a business can place on you and those around you.

I ran a successful UX agency for 12 years. I took it from zero investment to a highly credible, well-known consultancy working in partnership with top-tier clients like Financial Times, Vitality, Siemens, and Burberry.

If you are a small business owner feeling stuck, or like you’re carrying the burden all by yourself, here’s how I can help you:

  • Gain a fresh perspective on your business challenges
  • Talk through your ideas and strategy with someone who’s been in your position
  • Discuss your growing pains and work together on a clear strategy
  • Review costs and outgoings from an independent perspective
  • Discuss the knowledge and skills gaps in your team and agree on a plan
  • Assess and fine-tune your sales pitch and marketing strategy
  • Review your operational strategy to kick off a continuous improvement plan
  • Review your personal goals for the business and work on a plan to get what you need

We all need support at times, and I’ve used my fair share of business coaches, consultants, and lead generation experts. I’ve taken the most valuable lessons from them all and I can share with you what worked and more importantly what didn’t work.

I don’t charge ridiculous fees, I offer support in a way that works for you that can be spread over time if that works for your cash flow. I genuinely want to help.

Get in touch and we can set up a call or chat over coffee to see if there’s a good fit between how I can help and what you need. What have you got to lose?