About Me

Hey, I’m Damian and I love photography.

I don’t have a particular niche like some photographers do. But I’m told that my niche or style will develop over time. It doesn’t matter either way as long as I’m enjoying it. One day I’d like to make some money from photography so I can find a way to afford all that shiny new photography gear on my Amazon wishlist. But until then, I’m happy just getting out and taking shots, improving my technique, and developing my eye for a good shot.

Here’s a photo of me I took for a photography challenge. It’s not the most flattering of shots but it’s a pretty good indication of what else I enjoy doing – playing Xbox.

Self portrait

I set up this blog in the hope that it’d help to motivate me to keep track of my shots. I wanted to record the reason why I took them, share my shots with others, and hopefully connect with some like minded people along the way too. It’s a sort of photo journal I guess. As I go, I’ll build up the portfolio section too.

If you see something you like and you’d like to use it in some way, give me a shout I’m sure we can work something out. Or if you’d just like to say Hi that’s cool too.